Get Lost Planet 2 Cheats Here

Lost Planet 2 Game

Sometimes an extra edge is required when it comes to playing the Lost Planet 2 Game. It is for this reason that this article aims to offer you tips on how to up your game. The following are some of the lost planet 2 cheats you could use in the game.

For Rounders faction items, you need to perform some actions to unlock special achievements. In order to unlock Gun sword SP , Hand Canon SP, inter-faction customization, Mercenary A,B, and C model parts, then you must reach level 70, 50, 80, 1, 20 and 40 respectively.

To unlock Femmes Fatales faction items such as carpetbagger FF part you must reach level 1, level 70 for Energy gun SP, level 10 for Jungle Pirate FF parts, level 90 for Sandraider FF leader, level 60 for NEVEC FF pars and level 20 for Waysider FF parts.

You can enter the following codes in the slot machines for additional T-shirts: for, 25060016 is the code to unlock the machine. 88020223 can unlock shirt, 94372143 for Xbox 360 shirt, 69088873 for Midnight Live 360 Shirt and 96725729 for Yellow Shirt to mention but a few.

In order to unlock additional titles like BSAA, then you should ensure that you have saved your game file as from Resident evil five. For the street fighter title, the game file must have been saved from street fighter 4.

In addition to that, you can also unlock characters from other Capcom games by performing different actions. For instance, to unlock AlberWesker, you either can enter 72962792 or have saved the game from resident Evil 5. Other characters like Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago can be unlocked by beating the campaign on any difficulty mode.

Custom characters in campaign mode can be unlocked if the level is completed. Besides that, the extreme mode can be unlocked if you beat the hard mode.

Just like the faction items, weapons can also be unlocked. When you reach level 30with rounders, will be able to unlock Shuriken. On the other hand, Level 30 with Femme fatale unlocks firecracker and at level 50 with femme fatale, you will unlock shotgun SP.