Learn the basic of blackjack for money now!

Lost Planet 2 Game

Forming a deck that has the closest value to 21 if not getting to 21 itself is the ultimate goal in blackjack, even lostplanet2game.com knows that . A natural blackjack is a face card and an Ace or the initial two cards that has a value of 10. Once you hit this, a 3 to 2 odds is paid by the house. When you defeat the dealer, you will be paid more. If you form an exact 21 with any number of cards, it is a normal blackjack. You should never go beyond 21 or else you'll lose. The cards are valued as follows: (1) cards from 2 to 10 is taken at face value; (2) kings, queens and jacks have a value of 10 and (3) aces can be either 1 or 11, depending on which value you give it.

The first concept you need to understand if you're playing blackjack for money is that you are only competing against the dealer. It all goes down to beating the dealer so you can win. When it's a tie between you and the dealer, that's a push so you maintain your money. The most universal rule when you're into blackjack for money is that dealers always stand on 17s. In this scenario, the dealer needs to continue taking the cards until he gets a total of 17 or more. Dealers always value Aces as 11 provided that it won't make them go beyond 21. The following is a terminology of the most commonly used word in blackjack that you'll need to play card games for cash.

Stay. This means you're already satisfied with the cards you have and don't want any additional ones.

Hit. When you hit, it means you want more cards. Keep in mind that you're allowed to get as many as you would want except when you bust.

Bust. This happens when you go beyond 21. When you bust, you lose.

Insurance. This is a choice for the side bet which is offered every time an Ace is the face up card of the.

Split. This is a choice to split your hand to two.

Double down. A double down enables players to double their initial bet.

Hard or soft. A hard deck is one that has no Ace, while a soft means you have one.

After the dealer hands out the initial two cards, he will ask if players want insurance when his card facing up is an Ace. In blackjack for money, you would be charged 50% of your original bet for an insurance. If the dealer's hole card has a value of 10, he hits a blackjack. Those who opted for insurance will retain what they wagered, while those who didn't lose their money.

Make sure to keep in mind that if you double down, you can only have one more card. As much as possible, double down double for the entire amount. When splitting, never do it with a pair that has a combined value of 20.