About Lost Planet 2 Achievement

Lost Planet 2 Game

In Lost Planet 2 Game achievements, as the co-op campaign begins, the game is divided into two parts; prologue A and Prologue B. If you join the room as the first or third person, you will be put into the Prologue A. On the other hand if you get into the room as the second or the fourth person then you will automatically play Prologue B. Regardless of the part you will join and start playing, the achievement will pop up.

The prologue ends once the giant spider is defeated. If you want to try both achievements, all you need to do is switch positions with a friend. You can do this by restarting the computer. Completing the prologue does not take much time; it only takes about 4 to 5 minutes.

This is a very intriguing game developed by Capcom. It has various episodes and each episode has different chapters that you need to go through. In addition to that, through the art, there is life in the game. It has colorful and exciting graphics. It also incorporates a great deal of music.

Playing this game is a great fun and we've prepared a few cheats to help players along. In order to perfect your skills, you can play the co-op demo. However, you should know that the first half of the battle is not hard. First and foremost, grab all the posts in the vicinity. Normally, the posts are three in number.You should then focus on blowing off the spider'slegs. You can use VS weapons along with mountable shotgun. This will give you an opportunity of jumping into its mouth and come out easily. However, if you do not shoot the legs and go inside, you could inflict a lot of damage to the spider and when it spits you out, you can either die or get hurt.

In the second episode, be very keen on where the spider flies. This is because; this idea will enable you to do some good damage to it. In fact, your turret will do all the magic. Do not worry if it gets low. You will just jump out and then repair with ease.