Lost Planet 2 Game Reviewed

Lost Planet 2 is a game which owes its publication and development to Capcom. The Lost Planet 2 video game is a sequel to Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. The game is taking place after the events of the first game which is based on the same fictional planet. This game was developed for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

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Lost Planet 2 has several improvements from the previous one. In Lost Planet 2, the players are not drained off the thermal energy. This is because Lost Planet 2 is set in a warmer climate which is able to sustain T-ENG presence for long that it was with cold climate. In the game, a player would only lose energy when they pilot a VS or uses a weapon which needs energy. Lost Planet 2 also has a provision for players to earn experience points where they earn more points when they play in a unique manner and completing additional objectives in missions provided.

Lost Planet 2 has borrowed the online multiplier versus modes from its predecessors but has also brought in new modes as well. The versus characters can also be modified in far greater depth than it was with the original game. In Lost Planet 2, you have the capability to customize not only the skins but also an array of skins for legs, face and torso.

Lost Planet 2 is on planet E.D.N. III which is the same location for Lost Planet 3. The game play for Lost Planet 3 is similar to that of Lost Planet 2 with their story being adventure driven rather than Lost Planet 3 which is based on a co-op and grind heavy campaign. This second version is take place on E.D.N. III about 10 years after the occurrence of the first version's events. Lost Planet 3 has more fascinating features that you'll love like the ability to customize your character's clothing, body types, weapon models and color palettes. All you have to do is level up in Lost Planet 3 in the multi-player version.

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